Important Reading

A Billion Years – Mike Rinder

Troublemaker – Leah Remini
Ruthless – Ron Miscavige
Going Clear – Lawrence Wright
Bare-Faced Messiah – Russell Miller
Counterfeit Dreams – Jeff Hawkins
Blown For Good – Marc Headley
Abuse at the Top – Amy Scobee
Unbreakable Miss Lovely – Tony Ortega
The Church of Fear – John Sweeney
Fair Game – Steve Cannane
Inside Scientology – Janet Reitman
Jenna Miscavige – Beyond Belief
My Billion Year Contract
Escaping Scientology – Karen Schless
Commodore’s Messenger – Janis Grady
Commodore’s Messenger – Book II
Scythe Tleppo – Nathan RichScientology: A-Xenu
Perfectly Clear – Michelle LeCaire
Expert Witness – Jesse Prince