Welcome to the Special Persons Shop

Marc and Claire Headley founded the SP Shop in 2021 in order to provide a (growing!) line of merchandise themed around exposing the abuses of Scientology. It was created in response to Scientology’s colorful, chronic history of launching hate campaigns against those who work tirelessly to expose their true nature. What better way to counter a hate campaign than to launch a unique line of products in which the proceeds are used to help people escape from said destructive cult? The harrowing story of their escape from the grip of this cult is detailed in Marc’s book, “Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology,” and is available for purchase at www.blownforgood.com

Scientology is very pervasive in its belief that someone who has an antisocial personality causes division, and therefore, should be shunned. Their term is an SP or “Suppressive Person,” and is defined by L. Ron Hubbard as “a person who seeks to suppress, or squash, any betterment activity or group. A suppressive person suppresses other people in his vicinity. This is the person whose behavior is calculated to be disastrous.” Well-known examples of such a personality are Napoleon and Hitler. Mr. Hubbard found that a suppressive person — also called antisocial personality — has definite antisocial attributes.

In actuality, this label is used as leverage to destroy families and attempt to quash those who are working to expose Scientology abuses. Therefore, we prefer to use SP as a term to mean Special People — those who are brave and courageous enough to speak out against a billion-dollar abusive cult who earned tax exempt status with the IRS by bullying them with hundreds of lawsuits and coercive tactics. Those tactics may have worked on the IRS in 1993, but they will NOT work on us now.

The SP Shop is raising funds for the Aftermath Foundation!